Sunday, May 20, 2007


This is how my weekend started out. Kids threw a rock through the window. The last thing I wanted to deal with before racing. I guess my neighbors shed was broken into as well. My other neighbor chased some teenagers aways last week trying to break into cars. Mark my words, I will get the punks. Filed a police report, but the cops are too busy eating donuts at the 7-11 one block away than actually doing any patroling. Seriously, they are at the 7-11 all day and night long, god forbid they cruise the neighborhood once in awhile and work!

The race went ok. I had a lot left over. I just have not done any interval training to get the top end speed yet, but the endurance is fine. First real intensity ride of the year. I want to know why I am the only one in baggies at a single speed race. Also whats up with all the couple grand single speed bikes? I wouldnt be suprised if I started to see full suspension single speed bikes at the races, LAME! Last time I checked racing single speed was showing everyone how tough you were on the basic bike and having fun. Hey guys, get a clue. And yes I will beat you later in the year when the fitness progresses. I was too busy slashing when you were all training. For the record I built my bike up for $200.

Look at Art's dirt beard. It was dusty out there. To top things off I was too preoccupied with the window and spaced my glasses. I still have dirt in my eyes and its Sunday night! Art had some Tecate's for me after the race, my favorite. Next time dont forget the limes!

On Sunday rode the single speed with the wife. She is still getting the feel of riding dirt, but she is getting better. She didnt start biking or snowboarding until she met me. Good for her. Later I went and rode Mueller Park with Boyer. I forget the camera, hence no pics. Actually it was my first time up there. I usually dont drive to shred one track. It was a lot of fun, but all the dogs and people on the trail make me nervous.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your window Forrest. Local coppers are too busy racing around the City in their shiney patrol cars and talking on their cells while drinking the Big Gulps.

Saturday, Race Day:
Lets see, no glasses, baggies, what is that- a cotton-button down. I love it! Probably placed in the top third, or better, though- right?

Good on Mel! Marilynn didn't ride dirt until she met me either. We rode some surprisingly nice single track up around PC-DV this weekend.

StupidBike said...

Good job out there, i dnf'd due to chain issues, poor shifting skills. I like bikes, I like expensive bikes, cheap bikes, well, i like bikes. I used to like baggies, till my poor skills and heat made them uncomfortable, I don't mind being a billboard for sponsors who make it possible.

Here is a funny dialogue from

Elden: you were racing AND making a fashion statement.
dug: i was, i had the knickers and a bright yellow beatles tshirt. i kept accidentally hitting the back button when i would try to do a ledge.
dug: i must have listened to “my name is prince” like 8 times.
dug: at least it wasn’t enya.
Elden: because then you would have had to stab out your eardrums.
dug: brad wore black knickers he made himself from dress pants, dress socks, and a button down office type shirt
dug: it was beautiful.
dug: everybody else seemed so totally lycra.
dug: like a gay pride day parade.
Elden: though in actuality you put a lot more thought into what you were wearing they did.

Forrest said...

Windshield is going to cost me $350, there goes buying my costa rica plane tickets this week! Maybe wont be able to race next weekend now too! I want a sponsor but there is no way I am wearing the monkey suit to get it anymore.

UtRider said...

What trail is your wife riding in the picture? Mine is also just starting to ride dirt and I need to find some mellow trails to build her confidence.

Forrest said...

Its by Red Butte Gardens. Its pretty flat along the shoreline and in the vicinity. I know this sounds silly too, but I got my wife started up at Wheeler Farm. Its completely flat and a good place to get them going. The rides are not long, but just good to get them use to dirt.