Monday, May 14, 2007

3 days

Friday night I rode some singletrack with the boys and then hung out at the lake. I had to pick my friend Chris up at the airport, plane was delayed until 1:15 am! Its cool how old friends from Colorado have been reconnecting.

Saturday did some mtn biking with Chris and had a skate session with Meyers, Boyer and Knucklz.

Sunday had Mother's Day breakfast with the wife and boys. That afternoon I rode some singletrack with Chris and the boys.

The boys got new fishing rods and wanted me to take them fishing Monday night. They actually caught some fish. Chris took in the views.


Anonymous said...

Some nice fish.

Anonymous said...

not enough pics of 'boyer' ;)

Forrest said...

Your husband has more pics of him than anyone on my blog, lets just say he is a blog whore!