Tuesday, October 16, 2007

More Moab

I have really enjoyed reading all the blogs about this years 24 Hours of Moab. It made me want to revisit memory lane again.

First year for 24 Hrs of Moab. It was hot as hell during the day then it snowed sideways at night. I remember at night there was tons of mice on the course and you couldn't avoid riding over them. They would make this crunchy sound every time you hit them. We got 2nd in expert that year.
L to R: Tim Young(our sponsor and owner of Vail Bicycle Services and our wrench), Mike Gibbs, Todd Johnson, Me, and Mike Janelle. (he won the duo pro this year)

Team Defenders (Roger Bird, Floyd Landis, Dave Duvall and Brad) who won 24 Hrs of Canaan that year couldn't stop the Schwinn juggernaut (Mike Kloser, Dan McNeil, Mike Skellion and Ranjeet Grewal). Mike Kloser was and still is one of the fastest people I have ever seen on a mtn bike and was a staple in Vail mountain bike culture. I remember him coming in after a night lap and commenting on how fast Dave Duvall was throwing down with him. Dave Duvall was a bike messenger in Baltimore where I grew up. He was one of the few people who could wallop on Floyd back in the day. He would messenger around Baltimore on his mtn bike that had a 60 tooth big ring. Everyone needs to quit bagging on messengers, I know many that can throw down with the best.

Fastest Day Lap: 0:59 Bob Woerne - Espresso to Go-Go
Fastest Night Lap: 1:10 Ranjeet Grewal - Schwinn Racing
1:10 Jeremy Nobis - No Name #2
Fastest Women’s Lap: 1:16 Mia Stockdale - Fox Force Four
Fastest Night Lap: 1:23 Gretchen Reeves - Fox Force Four
Fastest 1-Speed Lap: 1:12 Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski World’s Toughest Milkmen

Jeremy Nobis use to hammer it too until he started to make the real money skiing big mountain lines in Alaska.

Here is a pic of Team Defenders RV, wonder if any testosterone was in there Floyd?

We all got faster and were either pro or semi pro. We had an epic battle that year with the Moots team. 24 hours of racing and we lost second place by a mere 2 minutes. It was heartbreaking. I remember Janelle putting it all on the line and just coming up short at the end. We kept saying to him "think about the extra thousand dollars". You have to remember that bike racing didn't pay and this was one of the few races you could walk home with some decent coin.
Men’s Pro
1: No Name #2 Returns Men's Pro Team #2 22Laps/12:12
2: Moots Cycles Men's Pro Team #4 21Laps/12:01
3: Lunar Lords of VBS Men's Pro Team #1 21Laps/12:03
4: Shimano Skunk Development Men's Pro Team #3 21Laps/12:47
5: Devo Royall Men's Pro Team #5 20Laps/12:36

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jsager said...

dang! these last few blogs are the best ever....far before my time, but at a time when I recognized names...imagine all the stars and heros getting to race each other on Chapman Hill in Dgo, then riding home from the race to your house.

how did the sport disappear and shink to what it is now?