Monday, May 28, 2007


"Hey boys, I need you to clean out everything under your bed". I didnt even realize they had that many toys!

I wish I slept that good.

Nothing like skating with the kids!

I guess I am getting old, but I had to let these kids have it. I love the f* you look they are giving me, but hey they needed a chewing out. They threw their garbage everywhere and were just acting like assholes. Last month I threw a 12yr old out of the park for punching an 8 yr old in the face. I feel old, but they dont realize how many kids got their skateboards confiscated from skating the ledges at the school by the skatepark. They were nice enough to finally build a skatepark so they wouldnt skate at the school. If you dont take care of it they will take it away. When I was their age I would have killed to have as many free skateparks available. I wonder if they realize that kind of behavior threatened to have the Layton skatepark filled in with dirt!

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Nose Dradamous said...

That shit pisses me off. There's a freaking garbage can 3 feet away from where they leave all the empty energy drink cans, broken decks, and other garbage. Half my time at the skatepark is spent picking up shit.