Monday, May 28, 2007

Draper Race

Rode to the race, hammered out 2 laps, then rode home, all on the one speed. Total time in the saddle a little over 4 hrs. I am spent, but couldn't be happier. After all it is Memorial Day and what better way to honor the troops than not putting money into the hands of those that kill us.

Brad Keyes and Kenny Jones, they got 2nd and 3rd. I have no qualms saying the singlespeed class is the second toughest class to race after the pros. Dont believe me, race these two! Something like 17 or 18 starters today and not a single slow one in the bunch. You dont race singlespeed if you dont have the legs to start with!

Stephen Wasmund had a solid race, he got 6th in the singlespeeds. Hey Stephen, didnt you win every single cross race you entered this past year on the one speed? He hooked me up with a slice so I could make it home.

Classic Fox! Look at his tongue dangling in the wind! If its done on a bike, Fox can do it.

Motivation, enough said!

Oh, I can't forget to thank UTrider for cheering for me and storing my bag while I raced. Its cool to see people new to the sport carry so much enthusiasm!


UtRider said...

That was hardcore. You logged more hours than those who raced in the pro category Monday. Speaking of which, how much longer until you line up with Fox on your geared bike?

Forrest said...

Dude, I am nothing more than a weekend warrior at this stage of my life. I am pumped on racing right now, but I got house projects and family trips that may keep me from racing most of the summer. Besides I dont have enough time to put in the proper hours on the bike. Thats why I logged a big one on race day, cause I had the time to do it.

Anonymous said...

i promise to wear the knickers to the next race. the SS class needs more racers like you. thanks for the newtons!


1speedroadwarrior said...

atta boy forrest strong race yesterday way to keep it real, you inspired me to update the ol' blog.

also send me that pic if you can