Thursday, May 24, 2007

Draper Course Inspection

Got a late start tonight, saw Fox and crew in the parking lot but everyone was done, so I headed out solo. I rocked the one gear with a 34x20, it should be perfect for this race. The singlespeeders with suspension will definitely have an advantage on the bumpy horse rutted downhill and the flat grassy singletrack along the road. Overall I think its a good course, I like the flow in certain sections. I think the dirt road is going to separate the pack out pretty good. Its going to hurt but isnt that the point? I think I am going to step it up and ride to the race, race and then ride home. I am going to be in the pain cave by the end of the day, thats for sure, I just hope I am not too bonked to make it back! I am not really looking for a result but the experience of "racing green".


StupidBike said...

Hey, i took off on my second lap a bit after you went, never caught ya though, sorry bout that.

see ya at the race.

Forrest said...

no worries, I had to get started so I could get back in time to tuck the little ones in and proofread their homework.