Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fly Fishing Idaho

Small creek fishing in Idaho produce some big fish!

Sometimes the scenery on the hike in is as good as the fishing!

Hopper time!

Sometimes you have to hike to the bottom of a canyon to get the goods. My legs and arms are so scratched from all the bushwacking to access the remote streams.

When your friend lives next to the South Fork you got to find a way to float it, even if its on a borrowed canoe.

I may not dress the part of an Orvis fisherman, but that didn't stop us from catching fish!

Can you spot the bald eagle?

Lunch Break on the South Fork of the Snake.

So many gravel bars to stop and fish along the way. We caught fish at every stop.

3 days of fishing felt like a week. Sun up to sun down fishing and exploring. On the second day we decided to float the upper section of the South Fork again and catch the evening hatch. Flipped the canoe and lost the rods around 8pm. Canoe sunk like the titanic and we thought all was lost. Sitting on the side of the river shivering and bummed about our situation we see a motorized skiff coming upstream with our canoe across the bow with the dry bag still attached! He picks us up and takes us to our car. It was the same gentleman we made friendly with at the take out the day before! Our knight in shining armor. Always wear your life preserver! What a trip. At least I brought a spare rod to finish the trip out. Camera got wet, but memory card survived.


aaron said...

Looks like a fun trip man - nice fishin'

Art said...

love the South Fork

Anonymous said...

nice cutts, good thing you're not all orvis and old man quite yet. Plus, if you were you'd just be on the provo. I wet line catches the most fish.

Watson said...

Cool story Forest and nice photos from the trip. Fishing is the opposite of stress, but don't quote me on that.