Thursday, November 01, 2007


Halloween is my favorite holiday. Its not only fun for the kids, but for adults too. I took the boys trick or treating. They had some friends come along. One boy is diabetic and asthmatic. He couldn't eat any of the candy he got, he gives it to his friends and parents. Also he had a hard time keeping up with the boys, sometimes he would skip a house so he could keep up. Its ok, he is smart and will most likely get a scholarship to college.

Sam guarding his loot.

Did I ever mention my wife is awesome? I wanted to go to Knucklz Halloween party and did not have time to get a costume this week. She came up with this pervert costume in 5 minutes. The only thing missing was the bad cologne.

"Beat it, Beat it..." Meyers is always in a fun mood
Rick James was in the house.

Ian, I think "DOG the Bounty Hunter" should have taken you in, you got to have some outstanding warrants we don't know about.

ET phone home.

Nothing like ending the night with "Devilock", a Misfits cover band.

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