Sunday, October 21, 2007

October 21st!

Thats right, today is October 21st. You gotta love Utah! Its been too long since my last powder day. Click on photos to enlarge.

Aaron getting some!

Knucklz getting his too! Hard to believe me and Knucklz moved out to Colorado all those years ago and are still living the lifestyle. Knucklz has a full page Nidecker ad coming out in the December issue of Snowboarder, look for it!
Knucklz deep in the whiteroom!

I have seen the ski resorts open in a lot less snow than this. It looks like we are at least going to have an early season for a change!

Aaron chilling on top. I know he liked his Megalight today!

I think Knucklz was glad to reach the summit!
I wonder what day will be the first run down Superior this year?

The boys getting to the top. We played phone tag with Benny all morning. Dude called me at 7:30 am to tell me he was on his way up. I was already awake cause my son Sam was already up and ready to shred.

"Next run we are going to do that line."

After playing with the big boys it was time to shred with the wife and little boys. I wish I was little enough were mom carried my board when it got deep. Spoiled rotten!

Sam is 8 yrs old and slashes powder better than some sponsored jibbers I know!

The family that rides together, stays together. Another wonderful family outing!
I am off to work to punch the clock on a Sunday. Play hard, work hard, my life's motto!


jsager said...

you've been prop'd. and your photos kick ass, something to do with generally having fantastic backdrops, eh?

thanks for getting those over to me.

Forrest said...

Thanks Sager, you and Sly have one of the best bike blogs out there. I need to update my blog roll asap.

Nose Dradamous said...

Hot damn. It's on like donkey kong.

Forrest said...

Thats funny, I almost titled this blog "It's On!"

ben-day-ho said...

holy shit that was amazing yesterday. we were first to the top of west rustler and high rustler, then when there was 200 people on the boot pack we shredded old p-dawg liftline down at the bird!!!! i feel better today for shredding yesterday!!!

Forrest said...

Ben,I wonder how many people nursed hangovers instead of getting on it?

ben-day-ho said...

did you get photo cerdit???