Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olympic Fever

Watched the finals with my wife and boys. What a show!

I know, "the Olympics are over hyped", " a complete sellout", "totally lame", etc.... But you had to love last nights show! Hate on Shaun all you want, he rode great last night and his style is underrated!

The Japanese kids impressed me too. Good style! Can anyone tell me where to get his pants, I honestly loved em!

Good job Scotty Lago getting on the podium. Way to keep the medal streak hot for USA in Snowboarding. I have been a fan of yours since that sick method in "The Boned Age".

Want to see some Oly pics from the halpipe in 2002, click here.

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ryan said...

I think people hate on Shaun because he can skate better than any of us too. One of these years he will probably ride big mountains better than us.The kids talented. To bad Danny wasnt there. That guy is one of my favorite to watch. Danny probably has the best riding style and he probably spends his winter jumping into pow not foam pits. Its cool to see how much things have progressed this last year!