Friday, March 27, 2009


Pratt made a rare appearance today.


Dave gets corked.

Today rocked. I didn't even take out the camera until the afternoon because I was having too much fun. Getting first tracks down Baldy this morning was amazing. Full throttle pow turns in 5th gear, loved it! 6 Baldy hikes and I am worked.

Wow, what a snow storm, one of the largest of the winter---so far. The largest numbers are 41 inches in Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons, along the Park City ridgeline and in the Logan area mountains. About half that amount fell in the Ogden area mountains. It appears that only 8 inches fell in the Provo area mountains. Yesterday, on slopes less than 30 degrees, we had to break trail going downhill too. Today, it should have settled out significantly. Winds were very strong yesterday and we had some northeast winds last night as the storm exited. So there is likely some wind damage in many areas this morning.

On Sunday, we should have a sharp cold front with more snow and wind, and another storm on Wednesday and more storms lined up after that. As usual, spring is the best time for powder.

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mike tatay said...

looks like there's plenty of snow in april. nice photo work. ya forrest!