Monday, November 24, 2008

Ski Utah Photo contest

This photo won honorable mention in Ski Utah's Photo Contest. Yes it is a snowboard track. I upgraded my camera with the winnings.


ben-day-ho said...

speak up skier(HATERS). my name is benny. here's my email, let's here it

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for your picture, Forrest.

Anonymous said...

Skiers act like they're protecting something. Change is good. It isn't 1993 anymore. Learn to ski better if you're worried about ruts in your precious snow. Skiers are old people. Skier numbers are dying and it's only a matter of time for Mad Dildo Glen, Dildo Valley, and Altdildo realize they're going broke. Good job Taos.

Forrest said...

Thanks for the comments guys. I was pretty bummed from all the hate. I try to stay pretty positive on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Do they allow snowlerblades at Alta?

Watson said...

Congrats on the honorable Forest. Nice image. Looks like you don't need to upgrade any gear at all. The image quality is nice for direct light on a super bright subject.

I enjoyed reading all the comments in your recent posts. Reminds me of the junk people spit out on the Surf & Destroy blog about longboarders Vs stand-up-paddle boarders. It is nearly the same comments. Too funny.

flahute said...

As a skier, the only snowboarders I have a problem with are the ones who wear their pants belted below their ass, and either a) stop and sit down in the middle of a run, or b) decide that a run is too steep, turn sideways, and scrape off all the snow.

It's not the board, it's the rider.

Forrest said...

You cant have a problem with what kids wear, its America and you get to dress how you want. I find it just as offensive when I see those skiers in their embroided one pieces. Plus skiers need to get off this "scrape the snow" thing. I see more beater skiers scraping snow at the Bird than I do snowboarders, so let it go. I dont wear my pants that low ever, but I rather see that person on a board than skis, so I will take up for them.

flahute said...

The problem isn't the clothes, it's the rider, and how they act ... and the clothes seem to coincide with the behavior.

And yeah, I don't dig it when skiers act like jackasses either.

To be honest, one of the reasons I don't ski the 'Bird is because I'm not a good enough skier to handle most of the terrain ... and I don't like lift lines.

Solitude has plenty of challenging runs for me, and spread out enough that I feel like I can ski the whole mountain, and still have a bailout run if I get in over my head.

And no lift-lines.

And boarders are welcome.

Like I said, it's the rider, not the equipment.