Sunday, November 23, 2008

State Championships

Sam leads Eric to take the Open race win by a few seconds. Eric becomes the State Champ since he is first Utah finisher. Now I don't feel so bad about myself when Eric lapped me near the finish of the singlespeed race to take the Singlespeed State Champion title too!

Max and Melanie raced again. I think Max is starting to appreciate just how hard you push yourself in a race. He must be getting big since he is wearing my old jersey.

Steve W. putting down some watts on the singlespeed in the Open Race!

Eric hops one of the logs.

I wound up racing. I didn't plan on it, but it looked fun and I needed the exercise. Ended up 22nd out of 25 finishers in the singlespeed race. I think more racers started but many DNF'd. But if I took myself too seriously I doubt I would have raced in jeans. If you are wondering why I am not snowboarding the pictures of people in shorts and bone dry mountains in the background should explain.

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