Friday, April 25, 2008

Last Heli Day

Wow, 4 straight days of blue. Today we were told we would be the first non film group up. Hightailed it to the airport and played the waiting game. Our guide today would be Scott Newsome and we would be shredding with the Canadian contingency. These guys would rip and were a blast! The way they talked was enough to keep you entertained.

See those mountains in the background, that is where we are heading.

Scoping lines from the heli.

"Wait here while I take a look."

If you click to enlarge the photo you can see the little dot, that is Aaron on the leg burner run from Hell. When he radioed up to us when he was done he could barely breathe.

Stoked, enough said.

"Ok, I need you guys to make 3 or 4 turns going the fastest you have ever gone, if something rips loose break skiers left and make sure you don't blow up and wreck into those crevasses down there. Who's first?"

See that glacier in the valley, thats our final destination.

Even when ripping the mellow runs you have to be aware of the dangers on the glacier. Lots of visible and hidden crevasses everywhere, hence the reason we all wear a climbing harness in case we get sucked in.

Lunch time.

Scott Newsome looks off into yonder.

Sometimes the bottom of a 5000 ft run can be a little dirty. Aaron dodges the tv set size boulders that would rumble on the glacier constantly. (click to enlarge)

Aaron has some fun making his way onto the glacier.

Wonderful day, glad to make it once again unscathed.


Nose Dradamous said...

SCOTT NEWSOME was a guide there???!!! That dude is all time. He guided us up at Revelstoke years back. Super good guy. Damn.

Anonymous said...

Great photos as usual! The photos have just about convinced me to pay a visit.