Sunday, August 19, 2007


What can I say about Joe. He was the best host I have ever had. He married a Tica and built a house in paradise. He opened his doors to me and the wife and gave us the master bedroom. His enthusiam to get after life is inspiring. He isnt too bad on a surfboard, snowboard or skateboard either. Give the man some fresh fish and he will make you a meal you wont forget. I can see Joe spending every free second at the house he just built and living the dream!

We ate like kings everynight!

Joe takes in the views from atop his balcony

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Anonymous said...

It's Andy. I just found Forrest's blog. Looks like you have been living life right since I saw you last. I guess that was Jan 2001 in Vail. My wife is from El Salvador. We visited in 2006. We stayed at some surf resort there. It was like a ski resort, but there were waves where the mountain should be. We may go back to El Salvador in July 2009. If you are still in Costa Rica I may tru to look you up. I exchanged e-mails w/ Forrest today. I'll ask him for your contact info.