Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Today was classic Utah! Sunny and pow! Sometimes the 1st tram is not the tram you want to be on. Today I was 3rd tram, or shall I say first tram to get Baldy! Yeah putting in the bootpack and putting in the traverse sucked, but the run was as good as a heli run, for real! Hooked up with Dave and Pauly, good times. I will never forget our first run down Baldy!

Snowbird has received over 92” of snowfall in the last 18 days and there’s even more snow in the NWS Forecast.


Lauren said...

It looks like we came two weeks too soon. I am glad you are finally getting the snow you couldn't come to anyone who would enjoy it more! Thanks for all the beautiful pictures and mountain updates!

Anonymous said...

Pretty "sick" as you kids say. Truly "epic" Utah conditions! I told you Forrest, patience and the Pow-pow Gods will smile upon the Wasatch. This is Utah! Nice shotz, literally!

Mike said...

Today's Forecast for the Jersey Shore: Rain, 50 degrees, no snow, no skiing, no place to get good Mexican. I'm bumming, dude! Go rip it up for us flatlanders who can't.