Monday, June 10, 2013

Cali Surf Trip

Click photos to enlarge:

Just another A-frame in San Diego

It really was a Sweet RV!


Glassy lefts or rights!

Yes please!  So fun!

Yeah it was a bit of a paddle out there, but worth it.

Hit the lip!

Quick surf mission to SoCal  this past Thursday through Sunday to take advantage of the South Swell.  I think I was wet more than dry this trip.  Lots of new spots for me on this trip.  Decent swell all weekend!  I love SoCal, don't care what people say about that place, it's amazing.  I could easily hang up the snowboard for the surfboard!  Time to rest my arms, needless to say they are super sore!


a man said...

I wish I knew how to surf. I wish I'd already been surfing so long that I could surf well occasionally.
Southern California is awesome, I agree. It's surprisingly wild, and I find the people kinder than Seattle. If I did surfing, I could see it.

Anonymous said...

It's a better place to vacation than to live, in my opinion.
Mildly jealous of your time in the water.