Wednesday, May 29, 2013

2012-2013 Season Wrap Up

Another season is in the books.  Statistically it was below average for snow (411 inches for Snowbird versus our normal 500), but snowfall stats only tell half the story. The best seasons are not determined by snowfall alone.  First shred was October 26th and the season went to Memorial Day! I wasn't able to  leave the Wasatch this year but there was plenty of fun to be had locally. What makes a good season is the people you shred with and the good times you share. This season was very special since it was the most I have ridden in 10 years even with a 3 week hiatus due to a nerve disorder that plagued me and still plagues me. At 38 years old I am proud of being a snowboarder and living this lifestyle.  My family is shredding better than ever and I feel closer to the snowboard community than I ever had! Truth be told this season was excellent and will be missed.  Here are some of my favorite photos and memories from this past season.  Thanks to all who share the passion. I love you all even if your photo is not included or mentioned below!

My favorite shot of the season of me on Christmas Day,
shot by Jay Dash!

Aaron Boyer on Baldy.  I love how the face on the Capita Board peaks above the powder.

Aaron Boyer splitboards up with me late in the day.  That day was special.

Benny Pellegrino splitboards Powder Mountain with me on October 26th,
our first turns of the season!  Benny you have done more for me and snowboarding
than anyone else,  thanks,  love you!

Shawn Boyle getting pitted.  Thanks Shawn for being a shoulder to lean on!

Me and the boys, love you guys with all my heart!

Chessa took up snowboarding and samples some of the powder this season!
Love the positive energy you exude!

Chris Saydah  samples some late season powder.  He can always be counted on to
spray skiers who are standing on the jumps or spray skiers hurling
insults to snowboarders.
Keep up the good fight for us knuckle draggers!  Frontline warrior!

Corey Jordan loves shredding Baldy, just ask him!

Corey Jordan on his first splitboard tour, glad I could
show you around!

Dan Ray has the best methods at Snowbird if not anywhere!  Dan thanks
for the passion, it's contagious!  My favorite quote of yours is
"I have a jumping addiction and that is not good when you are hurt!"  

Me and Dave Suhre high five!  High fives for life Dave!

Dave Suhre misty method.  One of my favorite shots of the year!
Dave thanks for being like an uncle to the kids and stoking them out.
But quit ripping so hard because it makes dad look bad!

JDubs slashing Scotty's Bowl.  JDubs you rip and I'm always stoked to
see what you are going to do on your snowboard!  You are one of the more
creative shredders around!

I don't know how my life would be without this family!

Erik Bro Hostetler rips and is a great photographer.  Bro has been
a long time local and I know he shares the passion!

That's me at a preseason rail jam at Brighton with my son Max.
 I was easily the oldest person there and it felt good to rip with the
young ones!

Sydney Collins is another recent convert to snowboarding.  She ripped this
season!  Keep up the good work!

Tram stoke!  Some people hate the tram.  I love the vibe when it's dumping,
you can't help but feed off the energy!

Chovie, Boyle and Dan Ray on our epic tour that wasn't so epic.
Lots of memories from that day, all positive even though it
was the worst run of the year.  Go figure.

This day was so fun and pretty.  My wife Mel and neighbor Jesse
out for a little tour.

Glen Harris about to drop the steepest line of the season with me. That run was all time!

Glen Harris slashes some late season powder.  Glen would rip with me
on my Fridays off and we knocked many lines of my to do list together!
He calls it "Forrey Friday"

Greg Bugayong started this snowboard journey with me when we moved
 to Vail the winter of 93/94.  Glad we got a few days to reconnect this
winter, it was special to me.

I am just glad I got a few snowboard shots of me this winter for a change!
Me airing into Scotty's Bowl, photo Glen Harris.

Ran into JJ Thomas and Erik Leines on their Pow Surfers when
I was Pow Surfing too!  Funny how that goes!

Jeremy Tidwell shredding pow.  Hope to see you shredding pow for many
more season to come!

Stoked to have friends and neighbors that shred!  Thanks for the good
times Jesse Coss!

Who says Pipe Jocks don't rip powder!  JJ Thomas shreds it all!
I really enjoyed showing you around Snowbird, hope to do it again soon!

Jonas Harris shredding one of my favorite hikes of the season.
Waist deep on Two Trees off Little Superior! One of my best runs
of the season! Stoked to see the grom grow up!

Me and Laura Hadar enjoying first tracks on Upper Cirque.  Who doesn't
love first tracks at Snowbird!

Dumping!  Need I say more?  Such a special feeling. You would figure that every
chair would be full.

People love to hate on Snowbird and how busy it is.  Yeah in the 90's the tram
would get pretty hectic since the rest of the mtn had only slow double chairs.
But with all the chairs high speed now and Mineral Basin now open there are
so many pow days with no lines.  This was one of those special days,
knee deep and no one out! Snowbird love!

My son Max busting out of the white room.  Max you killed it this season!
You make me proud! One of my favorite photos of the season.  Such a fun day!
Your snowboarding really grew up this year!

My son Max on the Pow Surfer, he was a natural!  It is harder than it looks!

Thanks to Jeremy Jensen for making such a fun board, it was
enjoyed this season!

Me slashing pow on Baldy.  Wow another shot of the photographer taken
by Corey Jordan, much appreciated!

Some days friends are working and you are left to shred alone.
Self portrait of me about to drop freshies on Daltons.  If you never
scored freshies on Daltons you are missing out in life!

Yours truly shredding above the bottleneck on Two Trees.
This was one of my favorite days of the season along with  Dan and Rich!
Thanks for the memories and rallying that morning.  When everyone else
decided to shred the foothills from the valley storm we scored our
own piece of paradise up Canyon!

My wife Melanie skinning up to heaven.  Thanks babe for being
such a trooper and being so supportive.  I love you!

My wife Melanie on an instant pow day session.  Woke up to no new snow,
by the afternoon it was bottomless!  Only at Snowbird can you get 2 feet of
snow during the day.  Utah Pride!

Aaron Boyer blasts a method on his splitboard.  This day was one of my
favorite of the season.  We slashed Red Baldy and then sessioned this
natural kicker on our splitboards.  Aaron thanks for the motivating me.
 I love the passion!

I had many epic splitboard tours this season.  I really fell in love with
splitboarding.  Thanks to all that came along with me this season.  

Nick Olsen, DC team manager, slashes the Cirque at Snowbird.  Nick you rip!
You are one of those people in the industry that is doing everything right!
Keep up the good work!

Pete Wurster  owner of Unity Snowboards enjoys some Utah powder!
Pete thanks for the boards and everything you do for my family.
It is much appreciated!

I love days like this!  You know it is going to be good when it is dumping
and the plows are out!

Rich Varga was snowboarding before you and rips harder than you!
Rich I hope to see you for many seasons to come at the Bird, you are a
staple up there!  Thanks for the stoke and holding down the Whiskey Bench!

Aaron and Troy ripping Red Baldy!  This day was one of my favorites of
 the season. Thanks for getting up and making this day happen.

Salam Mahi explodes some pow!  Salam you have been shredding the Bird
since before my first year there.  It's refreshing to know that the stoke has never left you!

Salam Mahi airs into the deepness!  Another epic day from this year.  Glad
to have shared so many pow days with you this season!

My son Sam rides pow better than you.  Seriously he does.
This was Christmas Day on Baldy.  One of the more empty epic
powder days I have ever had at Snowbird!

Sam leaves the whiteroom!

My son Sam loves powder and the way he shreds it is amazing.  Sam
I love your style on the board.  Keep up the good work bud!

Jordan Perri and Todd Earl enjoy the pow at Snowbird.  This picture says a
thousand words for me.Riding deep pow at the Bird not only stokes you
out but it wears you out!  Come visit anytime guys!

Tony Pagosa in Scotty's Bowl.  Many good hikes and tours with you Tony.
Hope to see you again next season!

Best view in the world.  Dumping and knowing the tram is about to
take you to paradise!

Tyler Anderson shreds hard.  Seriously he is one of the most underrated
riders at Snowbird.  Thanks for the stoke!

Tyler Anderson showed me this not so secret, yet secret zone this winter.
Thanks for sharing!

Bridget Farfel splashing in the pow. The family always gets
excited to see Bridget and Dave!  Love you guys!

Larry Drake explodes landmines on Baldy.  Favorite shot of the season!

This shot of me is very special for me.  It was my first day back after a 3
week hiatus due to my nerve disorder that sidelined me.  I was worried I
would never snowboard again this season.  So much passion expressed
 here, it all came outjust by being able to ride again.  Thanks Jesse Coss
for the picture and showing me an incredible day at Brighton.  

I need to give a special thanks to Johan Malkoski for the deals on Union Bindings, Coal hats and Capita Boards for the family. Pete Wurster of Unity for all the boards you have given me over the years. Nick Olsen for helping me get discounted DC gear. Benny and Todd of Milosport Orem and Cal of Milosport SLC who run the best shops in Utah, I don't know what the Utah snowboarding community would be without you guys!  THANKS!


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