Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pow Surfing!

Aaron Boyer

Sam Clark


a man said...

I want to try this.
Perhaps I call BB. He has one, IIRC.

a man said...

also yo:
so you're splitting out somewhere with this beast on your back? Like a bootpackable mini slope and then you stash it until you're done really splitting and then you pack it back out?
that's what I'm guessing.

Forrest said...

Well I sometimes do road runs and run shuttles with the car and my kids take turns on it. If I am going out solo I will just use snowshoes. This day my bro wanted to try it so I actually strapped his splitty to my back and he rode the pow surfer down, I was a sherpa that day. But yeah most of the local kids are using snowshoes, mtn approaches or snowmobiles into the zone. I think it would be ideal to find a zone, set up the peanut gallery, put in a boot pack and shred the zone. Its fun, makes an average day seem extreme plus I am grooving the surfy feel. Its another board for the quiver, am I giving up my regular setup, hell no, but more boards in the quiver the better!

a man said...

got it.
I love this.
Definitely going to try and reserve BB's for the OVERNIGHTER we're doing next month. Snowshoes. Boom. I love it!