Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Free Refills

It dumped 15 inches within 6hours at the Bird yesterday. When it snows that hard the tracks from the last run are covered, also called "free refills".

A day to remember. I had some negative stuff happen this week, but I will remember the powder 10 years from now and most likely forget the other stuff.

Sorry for the lack of action shots, it just was snowing too hard to even bother.

You know it's a good day when it ends here.

Pete sent me this today. Some of his backcountry lines from Sunday in East Vail, CO. He informed me that there has been 2 deaths in East Vail this year, the last person to perish was back in 1996, my last year there. I actually worked with one of those involved in that slide in 96. Colorado snowpack is so different than anywhere else, hence the reason it usually earns the title of deadliest avalanche state. But I must admit that even though CO snow is not as deep, it is of excellent quality.

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