Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sundance Race

Sundance is always a fun race. I love the singletrack up there. The bottom line is that I am slow right now. I am 5 minutes slower than last year on the same course and they even paved a portion of the dirt road, so the course should have been faster this year! Its not that I am lacking endurance. I could have done 4 laps if necessary, its just that I am lacking any sort of punch. I am starting to take this too seriously. I don't think I am racing again until the State Championships at Solitude. I am going to race green for that race, so if you pass me going up the canyon, give me a shout out or a coke!

Fast bunch of boys here. I respect them all!

Brad Keyes had a solid race with a 2nd place finish, and he did it in knickers, my hero! Also thanks for confiding that your legs were still hurting up to Thursday after the Draper race, that made me feel human.

Tolbert is riding fast, is there another win in his cards this season?

Art smiling. How can you not smile with scenery like this!

Ali G and Fox are claiming they are going to race the SingleSpeed class at State Champs, the more the merrier.

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