Wednesday, April 25, 2007

1st Commute of the year

I have been too focused on snowboarding lately. But the writing is on the wall, the season is pretty much over. Decided I need to start commuting to work. My goal is to commute 100 days before next winter.

I dont mean to sound like a hater but I must comment on this. I keep seeing these roadies around Sugar House with their numbers still on their bikes? How many days has it been since the last race. No wonder people make fun of you. Also you are riding 2-3 abreast holding up traffic, no wonder people run you over. Ride with the traffic! Quit giving cyclists a bad name! Also I want to punch the idiots that ride up Little and Big Cottonwood on powder days. You are asking to get hit! No shoulder due to snow and a bunch of powder crazed people, you are going to get slammed. Ride up a canyon without a ski resort or ride up those roads outside of ski season. I am all for "share the road", but at the same time I make good decisions, wish I could say the same for the rest of you out there.

This kid gave me a run for the money on my commute today. Good to see so many people on bikes today!

This is what I come home to everyday. Kid's toys and pets. I am not complaining, best thing to happen to me!


primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

how far is the ride to work

Forrest said...

My commute is little less than 10 miles.

Anonymous said...

actually the last road race was last night, and the night before, and the night before that. there have been weekly races since March. riding in Sugarhouse Park is lame, number or not.

Forrest said...

Yeah, but they were still dorks and I aint afraid to call them out, if you aint racing, take the damn number off and learn to ride in traffic like messengers do!

Anonymous said...

Guess I am a dork then, but that is what I was called when I started riding my fixie in the early 90's by the "cool" people. Now that every hipster dufus with in a trucker hat has to have a Timbuk 2 bag and a fixie I guess I am cool? What will I be when said dufus' latch on to the next "underground" trend and I am still rollin' the fixie?