Sunday, November 15, 2015

Merida, Mexico

According to the 2010 census, the population of Mérida was 970,377

Mérida was founded in 1542 by Francisco de Montejo “el Mozo” (the son), and built on the site of the ancient Maya city T’ho, meaning “city of five hills.” T’ho was the center of Mayan culture and activity in the Yucatan region. After the arrival of the Spanish, the ancient city’s five main pyramids were destroyed and their ruins used in the construction of Merida’s cathedral and other important buildings. (Visit Mexico)

Merida has the highest percentage of indigenous persons of any large city in Mexico with approximately 60% of all inhabitants being of the Maya ethnicity. (Wikipedia)

Not only is Spanish spoken with a distinct accent in Yucatan, but Yucatec Maya is spoken by one third of the population of Yucatan state. The cuisine in Merida Yucatan is also distinct in that it differs from traditional Mexican cuisine and is representative of the local indigenous culture and the Caribbean, Mexican, European and Middle Eastern influences in the region. (Visit Mexico)

He will probably be one of the last to sell typewriters in these modern times.

Mother Mary is very revered in Mexico.  It brought me back to my 12 years of Catholic School.

Here you’ll also find hipiles, dresses or tunics worn by the indigenous women of the region. Hipiles are often white with colorful embroidered designs that traditionally convey some sort of meaning within the local community. (Visit Mexico)

As a result of its unique geographic location, strong Spanish influence and isolation from other parts of Mexico, Merida developed a distinct cultural and political identity.
(Visit Mexico)

What year was your house built?

Mérida is also the cultural crossroads of the region, and there’s something just a smidge elitist about Mérida: the people who live here have a beautiful town, and they know it. (Lonely Planet)

 A major center of commerce, Merida Yucatan is considered the crossroads of the region and one of the most important places to experience the Mayan heritage. (Visit Mexico)

All of these homes have big courtyards inside the walls, the green of the city
is actually behind these walls.

Some of the old houses have been made modern.

Many times an updated house would be next to an one that has not been refurbished yet.

On Sundays they close the streets in the center of the city for biking only,
it was great to see all the Mexicans come out for a bike ride in their city.
We rented bikes and joined them.

Merida is famous for the guayabera, a loose fitting men’s shirt with tucks and pockets. Traditional guayaberas are white, made from cotton or linen and often embroidered.
(Visit Mexico)

All the old houses had magnificent tiles.

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