Monday, March 19, 2012

Deepest day of the year!

Shane Kelso wheelies through a few feet of fresh!

Shane Kelso, snowface!

I took a vacation day to keep the shred going.  To be honest I work in a concrete office with no windows.  I commute to work in rush hour traffic.  There are days I just want to drop it all and run away from all the responsibilities of the rat race.  But then I get these moments of freedom and I say to myself, "I can go on another day".  How do people do the rat race without some sort of release?  I couldn't imagine living where the rat race is all consuming.  I feel sorry for those suckers, at least I can get away for brief moments and keep my sanity.


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snowone said...

I noticed a rat eating blossoms high in the cherry tree outside my window here in the big shitty this evening... trash-scraps or blossoms, we all find our way!