Saturday, August 07, 2010

Bike Ride to Top Of Tram

I decided to ride my mountain bike from my house in Cottonwood Heights (4,750ft) up Little Cottonwood Canyon and then up to the top of the tram (11,000ft). 2,500 ft of that would be on dirt/gravel with some of the steepest climbs doable on a bike.

Not even to the base of the canyon and I am tired, ha!
So far to go.

3,710 ft of vertical climbed on the road. Around the sign the dirt begins.
So far to go.
Bottomless pow turns in winter.
Getting closer.
Made it! Completely exhausted. Hard to believe I started down in the valley below!

6,250 ft vertical day in less than 20 miles! That was a long descent, longest I have ever done on a bike.


_POUCH said...

Yup, you're retarded. Damn dude, that's pretty legit right there, nice work Forrest.

AB said...

Dam buddy! Thats some serious vert.... Nice job.

Lauren said...

You are crazy! What an amazing ride!