Saturday, May 01, 2010

May Pow!

Click Photos to Enlarge Morning of April 30th, a car is in there somewhere. Too stormy
to get any action shots from Friday.

Milo Malkoski, age 10 and first time to Snowbird or on a tram getting deep!

Max is in there somewhere.


Jonas Harris, age 12, charging like usual!

Johan enjoys the fluff!

Go Groms!

Johan gazes.

Ben drops.

Father/Son Shred

40+ inches so far and it is still snowing. Mid Mountain Base is 127 inches and year to date totals are 549 inches.

There use to be this tram operator named Bear. On these late season pow days he would get the tram all pumped up during the tram announcements. He would say things like "What are the boys in Jackson Hole, Colorado, or the Northeast doing right now?" and the tram would scream "not skiing" and then everyone would unload in a powder frenzy. Bear is no longer here but the pow sure is.


snowone said...

drooling... PNW'ers are NOT SKIIING, the surf is junky, and the sun AINT shining. Work is epic though... love remote t-shooting DR and Web servers on a Saturday. RIP IT UP UT LIFERS!

_POUCH said...

What a week. Good thing no tourists know what's really up with our season getting later and later every year.

And Bear will always be at the Bird...

AB said...

May POW... No crowds....wish i was there!!

Lance Koudele said...

we're still shredding here in the nw,