Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mt. Superior

Yours truly on the way up.
Photo:Andy Earl

Me and Pouchy on a knife ridge.
Photo: Andy Earl

Headlamp start in the dark.

Pouchy heads up in the morning light.

Cardiac Ridge at sunrise.

Andy Earl gazes at Pinball Chute.

Suicide Chute

Mini Alaska lines. The Wasatch has it all.

Andy about 2/3rd's the way up.

Andy Earl drops in from the summit into some of the gnarliest and hardest conditions I have ever been on with my snowboard! My legs would ask me many times "why are you doing this?".

Pouchy finally makes his way onto some smooth zipper conditions on the final apron of the run.

Probably some of the most challenging conditions I have ever been through while snowboarding. At least I got to see the sunrise and get an adventure in before most awaken to their hangovers.


ben-day-ho said...

i'm guessing you guys were down about 3 hours to early, sleep in next time!!

_POUCH said...

Ha! Nope, I just made it to work on time. It was epic Benny, white room the whole way down, should been there hahaha