Sunday, January 24, 2010

67.5 inch Storm Total

(click photos to enlarge)Glenn Harris in full Stormtrooper mode!

Jonas Harris waves to his dad from behind the white curtain!

Sam got a high five from Travis Rice in the tram line. Travis' comment was the pow must be as deep as Sam is tall.

Max puts the rocker on his snowboard to use!

How stoked are the boys that their mom gets face shots with them!

The next generation, Sam 10, Jonas 11 and Max 13. They ride pow better than you!

That kind of weekend. Nothing beats 99$ rooms at the Cliff lodge for season pass holders!


Melanie said...

Seriously, such a fun weekend!

AB said...

Looks good!!

ben-day-ho said...


Unknown said...

man that day rocked!!!

dude said...

Thats purrty.