Monday, November 02, 2009

Vail Days

All the talk about the snowstorm in CO last week made me reminisce back to my time spent there. I think I need to go back this winter and reconnect.

East Vail fluff 1996.

Measuring the nights snowfall on our patio. This was from the best storm cycle I ever had in CO. 48 inches in 48hrs when it was all said and done. Needless to say that stat has been matched numerous times since I have been in Utah. But for CO, thats a good storm cycle.

Yours truly kicking a method on the Seldom kicker in the back bowls. (1995)

Me and Jason hiking up to Ptarmigan Cornice or on our way to Minturn Mile. Minturn Mile was a mellow backcountry run that took you to the town of Minturn where you would end up at the local Mexican restaurant. Hours later you would be bumming a ride back to town stuffed and a bit tipsy.

Chuck Riggs, my old roommate, hucking the Whaler. This thing was so intimidating back then. You could hit it on either side of the pine tree. Not sure why he chose the side with the rock. Maybe that side had more tranny.


El Hefe said...

Nice pics. I think me and my old bros are the only dudes who never took pics of each other shreddin throughout the 80's and 90's.

Nose Dradamous said...

Good Meth Forrest.

Anonymous said...

I remember both of the days from the top 2 pics.

Top - The next pic on the roll would be Mach Tatay, Tokenee and me shaping a natural kicker just beyond where the pic was taken from. The last hit off that kicker I did a straight over, barrel roll front flip kinda thing and rode away clean...I was proud.

Next pic, night before that 24 inch day. We hitched hiked to vail. Certainly a day to remember but about 8" is enough for vail. I'm still half an inch shorted from pointing that nose rock to flat bath tub landing that day....on the right of the top of chair 11 below those 20 ft cliffs.


Bender said...

Seems like yesterday. What up Andy!