Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Season Pass

Yeah, it's that time of year. Time to shell out the coin for a season pass. After seeing an article in the local paper about "deals" at the local resorts, I got to wondering. How does Utah season pass prices compare to other resorts around the country and to each other? Lets take a look. Keep in mind I have a family of 4 that all snowboards(2 adults and two kids age 10 and 13). Also I only include the unlimited passes, no blackout dates, because thats how I roll. I don't have time to sit on the sidelines when there is pow. Also all prices listed are preseason pricing, if you buy late, you pay more. Also I hate the argument that you will only ride the backcountry. That means no riding on storm days, high avalanche days and no park riding, something I refuse to give up. Yes I ride the backcountry often, but having no season pass is not an option. Also doing laps on the lift when there is pow is a no brainer.


5th/6th grade pass good to all resorts in Utah FREE!!!!! (limited visits)
If you have kids this is an incredible offer. Take advantage of it.

Snowbird $1999 for a family 4 pack. $999 for an unlimited adult tram pass. $649 for a young adult (born after 1984), $629 college pass. My home mountain and personally the best place to ride powder on a consistent basis. I love this place!

Brighton $1887 for my family of 4. $849 for an adult pass. $499 young adult (born after 1986) and college pass. .

Solitude $2356 for my family of 4. $999 adult unlimited. No college or young adult.

The Canyons $2117 for my family of 4. $899 for an unlimited adult pass. $419 College and young adult.

Park City $2675 for my family of 4. $1250 for an unlimited adult pass. $500 College and young adult.

Snowbasin $2000 for my family of 4. $950 adult unlimited. $600 College and young adult.

Powder Mtn Their pass pricing is based on first come first serve. Expect to pay between $690-$85o for and unlimited adult pass and $495-600 for young adult.

Deer Valley and Alta JUST FLIP THEM THE BIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


EPIC PASS (good at 6 resorts, Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone, A-Basin and Heavenly in California) $599 adult, $299 child (age 5-12) unlimited, no blackout dates. This is the best deal I have ever seen on a pass. When I lived in Vail in the early 90's my young adult pass was $599. Wish this deal was around then. Utah needs to step up and come up with something comparable.

Summit Pass (good at Breckenridge, Keystone, A-Basin) $399 adult, $199 child. Another incredible deal!

Aspen/Snowmass/Buttermilk/Aspen Highlands (all one pass good at those 4 resorts) $4186 for my family of 4. Glad I don't ride there! $1499 adult unlimited. No College or young adult, only child passes.

Crested Butte $1798 for my family of 4. $899 adult unlimited.


Jackson Hole $3350 for my family of 4. $1675 adult unlimited. $905 under 18. Keep in mind this was August pricing, the prices have gone up quite a bit. I love this mountain, one of my favorite resorts ever. Not a good deal considering they don't open until mid December and close earlier than any other resort I know of. But a good powder day at the Hole is priceless and the hiking is the best I have seen anywhere in the country, especially with the open boundary policy!

Grand Targhee $1449 for my family of 4. $575 adult unlimited. $199 College (not sure what schools are nearby though)


Squaw Valley $3966 for my family of 4. $1299 adult unlimited. $999 Young Adult.

Northstar/Sierra at Tahoe $1906 for my family of 4. $699 adult unlimited. $399 young adult.

Kirkwood $1736 for my family of 4. $559 adult unlimited. $359 College.

Mammoth/June Mountain MVP pass if you bought last April, $576 adult, $288-$432 Child. If you buy now expect to pay well over a grand per pass.


Mt Baker $1740 for my family of 4. $680 adult unlimited. $600 college pass.

Crystal Mountain $2347 for my family of 4. $799 adult unlimited.

Alpental $1716 for my family of 4. $479 adult unlimited.

Stevens Pass $1336 for my family of 4. $399 adult unlimited.

Look it costs money to go on the hill, but if you are a family what other winter activities are there out there? Its money well spent! Better than having the kids on the XBOX all day long. Also I love hearing the boo hooing from people about pass prices that spend a ton of money on their golf habit, their expensive car payments, expensive mountain bikes, etc... Its all about priorities. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I went without fixing my AC in my car all summer to come up with the coin and its hot in the SLC in summer.


snowone said...

Looks like the bottom line could be argument for the fact that WA has the best bang for buck!?!? Personally, I'm going with ScummitAtSnoCrummy (Alpy) Unlimited Gold (includes 5 days at Crystal, 10 at Brighton, 10 at Big Sky); plus the Midweek + Nights at Stevens Ass, which is good ANYTIME up to Dec. 1st and again starting March 1st (for riding with Captn Jackass, Tonto, J-Rad, and other SP Kook-Cowboys.

Nice write up bud; valid logic throughout.

Hope to tag along on a handfull of those pow tram/lift laps sessions at the Bird w/ the lifer's...

Forrest said...

I am totally ashamed to admit I still have not ridden the PNW! I need to get up there. I will have another blog post of places I have and not been. Can't wait to take some laps with you this winter. Let me know when you are coming out!

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

i got solitude on thursdays all year for $249

ryan said...

Squaw passes went on sale last spring for $369 Sun. thru Fri.They sold some kind of platnium unlimited pass for 1500+/-. It includes early ups and backcountry access(squaw has closed boundries). The best part is it created a pass war! Alpine meadows offered a pass for $299 and Boreal(Great park)for $149. The only catch is you have to buy late spring to get these deals. For under $1000 you can have 2 epic freeride resorts and a park! Pass wars rule!

ryan said...

On another note I havent ridden PNW
either. We should make a trip.

Ski Bike Junkie said...

Idaho: Bogus basin pre-season sale President's day weekend, good from the day you buy it to close of that season and all of the following season: $199 adults, $49 children. Lowest cost I know of, and the powder, though extremely scarce, lasts a surprisingly long time in bounds. It ain't the wasatch, but it's sure easy on the wallet.

As for me, I just hit the backcountry and buy a solitude pass book for when I go with the kids. I know you don't buy that argument, but there were very few people who skied more powder than I did last season.