Tuesday, September 01, 2009

I have been over summertime for two weeks now. My AC broke in the Subaru early in the summer and the cost to fix it would have meant no season pass. So of course I have been frying my ass off all summer thinking of winter time bliss. Seriously I am sick of the upper 90's already and smoke in the air from all the forest fires. The air in SLC is horrible.

Trip back east was great. Having been gone so long I tend to forget the things I really miss about back east. First of all its green! "Sprinkler System", whats that? Coming from the desert and sage of Utah the East Coast feels like a rainforest. Shade trees, morning dew and the sound of insects is something I don't get much of. I miss it.

But at the same time I realize why I moved out West. High alpine, deep winters, great vistas and open space. Back east I realized that even on the mountain tops you don't get the same kind of vistas that make the West famous. I guess I realized on this last trip home that I was glad I got to experience so much along the east coast, the memories tend to get fonder as I get older. When I was 18 all I wanted to do was get away. Its nice to get back now that I have my own kids and family and I can appreciate things more.

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Aaron said...

I hear you on the dramatic landscape and open space, the east just doesnt have it. And especially the wasatch front, the mtns are right there, in your face - no foothills like denver.