Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Looks like Tahoe and Mammoth got crushed this week.

24" of new snow overnight for a storm total of over 6 feet. Come on out to Squaw for some serious powder.

Snow Stats (snow totals in inches)
Last 24 hours
Season Total Range
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Mid Mountain Base
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Storm Total

With Mammoth bringing in another 24 inches of fresh powder in 24 hours causing us to break our annual season snowfall total of over 400 inches already!

Today was super windy in the valley and warm. I can't imagine how windy it was in the mountains. Hopefully the storm following this wind will produce some decent storm totals.

Ripped from KSL:
SALT LAKE CITY -- High winds across the valley affected travel, recreation, and air quality. The winds on Wednesday reached 60 miles an hour in some valley locations.

It shut down rail travel for a little less than two hours. Passengers were diverted to buses to make the link to downtown Salt Lake. Service was restored about 12:30 p.m. and is now running on schedule.

Meantime, 70 mile per hour winds forced Snowbird to shut down and evacuate the Peruvian Express Ski Lift this afternoon.

More than 80 people had to be belayed to the ground, lowered from the lift with harnesses and rope. The lift automatically shut down when the wind blew the cables out of alignment. The resort remains open, but Snowbird did close the tram.

According KSL Meteorologist Kevin Eubank, wind gusts elsewhere in mountain locations hit 80-plus miles per hour.


snowone said...

Stormin' Normin'!

Headed to Mammoth Sat for a week... fingers crossed it keeps coming.

ben-day-ho said...

CAN'T ALWAY JUST SNOW HERE FORREST. yeah bybee get it!!!!