Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Remarks: Storm total snowfall accumulations of 2-3 feet expected in the Cottonwoods....with a slight chance upper Little Cottonwood could see closer to 4 feet by Thursday evening. Provo Canyon totals look about half that of the Cottonwoods. PI rates are expected to produce 1-3 in/hr snowfall rates from 10pm tonight through 10am Thursday morning before trending to decrease. New snow densities are expected to decrease through the remainder of the event.

The canyon road is open and restricted to vehicles with chains, 4WD or AWD. The road will close again tonight at 7 p.m. Interlodge will go into effect for the Snowbird village at 9 p.m. There is no estimated time of re-opening at this time.

I cant wait to strap in!


UtRider said...

Brighton was insane this morning - I need some new equipment to handle the deep stuff! Keep it coming...

El Hefe said...

Great storm. I think I got a semi chubb. Sounds like some double overhead shooshing for manana.

Rich Varga said...

Went to Snowbasin today and pulled out the 196cm Swallow tail from way back...probably last ridden 7-8 years ago and it was good to go. The snow was pretty dense and super fast.

Shane McConkey RIP

Rich Varga

ben-day-ho said...


Today and Saturday should be sunny with the daytime high just under freezing on the ridge tops and close to 40 degrees on Saturday. Ridge top winds will remain light from the north and northwest. On Sunday, we should have a sharp cold front with more snow and wind, and another storm on Wednesday and more storms lined up after that. As usual, spring is the best time for powder.

what kind of gear you looking for utrider??

UtRider said...

A wider (my Line Prophets are 100mm) and rockered ski for powder days. I realize talking about skis on Forrest's blog may not be appropriate! :)