Monday, February 09, 2009

More Shred

Me and the little ones decided to do a quick hike and test out the new splitboard. It really does ascend nicely. A little heavy but it rode fine in the powder. Can't wait to do a longer hike with it.

Pulling the skins apart with a bum shoulder is not pleasant.

After a quick run we figured why not roll up to the resort and just hike inbounds to get the same powder turns. I hear so many people that are down on resort riding, but when a five minute hike gives you runs like this I say they don't know what they are missing!

After a day of heaving shredding we went and practiced our beacon skills. Never too young or old to practice. I bet my 9 year old will find you faster than you would find me if I got buried.

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Anonymous said...

kneel down, put your skins over your knees with your thighs closed holding both ends with your hands and open your thighs. easy way to open your skins with no arm power! save your shoulder. By the way tahoe is getting pounded finaly. they are saying we will more than double our snowpack by the end of Feb!