Sunday, January 25, 2009

Free Refills!

Today was really good! Seriously if you didn't go you have no idea! My next question is why didn't you go?

Anthony finds some fresh on Baldy! We couldn't get enough of this run, it was so deep!

Micah slashes.

Dave has a smile on his face.

Micah mid spin.

Micah slashes some more.

The rope on OTR was pretty high today. That doesn't keep Micah from pumping a method over it.

Micah can not believe this was the tram line for those powder runs.

Dave pops in the pow.

Dave backside 180.

Storm total so far is 23 inches and its still dumping! The road will be closed in the morning for avalanche control work.

Oh and big props to the older dude killing it on the snowboard with a prosthetic leg, you were doing better than people with 2 legs, you inspired me!

Also this is going to be the season of injury for me. Just as my shoulder is starting to feel better I sprain my MCL. Looks like another week of downtime in my cards.


martinboards said...

eeeehhhh we have no snow in washington state :(

snowone said...

oh to have some deep rippable pow... been dry and cold in PNW for a while now = corn. Headed to Baker for forecast 5-10 by wed. No 'bird midweek pow trams, but it'll dooh. Nice work on the pics--100%claimed blogger style.


Anonymous said...

Mcl...did that two years ago. Take care of it, it's a bitch when you don't.