Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Ripped from

“Two weeks ago, we probably had the best snow in the country,“ said Tom Horrocks, a spokesman for the Killington Resort in Vermont on Tuesday. “But now it changed, and you guys [
Vail] have it.“
I use to live in Vail, it was great, but I have to beg to differ from that statement! Check out the snow in Utah, its really good!


snowone said...

There's a reason I've never been shredding in Coloradical... it's always so good in UT, it's a waste of time. "Why would'gha?!"

As documented in your photos... forget about it! Vermont, what?!?!

Anonymous said...

Forrest - I have to agree with you! We're heading to Utah Jan 9 for a weekend at the Bird and DV. I just needed to provide a bit of stoke to the Vail folk.
- Tommyhot

Forrest said...

Tommy, I am flattered you even read this thing. I knew you moved back to Vermont and I got a kick out of seeing you on Vail's snow report. Drop me a line when you are in town!