Sunday, November 02, 2008

Weekend Roundup

Melanie raced the cross race Saturday. She had two nasty crashes. After the race there were some tears. I told her "this is cross, its not a 5k fun run in the park".

She raced the next day to redeem herself. Talk about getting back on the horse after you get bucked.

(Even the best go down)

Sly Fox had cash to hand out to the racers.

No racing for me on Saturday, had to roll early to get dressed up.

Max wanted to race on Sunday, his first cross race. He did pretty good but I have to say there is some tough competition out there, like this kid.

I raced but my tire kept going flat. I would pump it up at the pit only for it to lose all the air by the time I would make it around to the pits again. It became a losing battle so I DNF'd. Kinda bummed cause it started to pour rain for my race and I know that course like the back of my hand. I live a couple of miles away and ride it often. I wanted to have at least one respectable race this season before the snow falls and my focus moves to snowboarding.

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