Monday, November 17, 2008

Dry Spell

High Pressure is causing havoc with the snow! Its nothing but an ice rink up there right now and no snow in the forcast for at least a week or more. Bummer! To top things off the ugly "Inversion" word is being tossed around.


aaron said...

High pressure spells good weather for was 85 this weekend at the beach with waves and offshore winds....i cant complain. Come on out!!

UtRider said...

Yeah, this is the first time I can remember that I'm bummed it's warm with no precip in the forecast!

Hey, what do you do besides cycling to keep your legs in shape? Mine are still sore after my 5 runs on Thursday.

Ryan Dierks said...

Tahoe is in the same boat. Record temps have melted most of the snow. The mountain biking is insane though! I guess there's a bright side to every story. I say let it snow.

Watson said...

Hey Forest. Great blog. The photography is really good. Love that banner image and your other black and white scenes. Dodson told me you were a good photographer. You rule at everything you do!

Forrest said...

Jay, I wonder sometimes what I am good at! Thanks.

ben-day-ho said...

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