Friday, August 01, 2008

Bike Commute Day 30

So I was reading in the City Weekly an article about bike commuting. It pretty much said don't be that guy that runs the red light, rides on sidewalks and doesnt wear a helmet. They must have been talking about me. I run every light I can, thats why I am on a bike. If its hot as balls out, I ride in the shade on the sidewalk and don't wear a helmet to keep cool. Today is suppose to be 102 degrees, I think I will do what I want to get to work as fast and cool as I can. The author pretty much said don't give cyclists a bad name. Who cares, I have never been treated with respect on the road by my fellow motorists, hence why would I bow down to my fellow motorists now. I get trash thrown at me, spit on, etc when I follow the rules, so my philosophy lately is screw it, run every light you want , pretty much make anarchy on the bike my fellow bike commuters.


StupidBike said...

We can all do what we want, but i have to say, that breaking the law and making poor choices because the world treats us like Rodney Dangerfield is a cop out.

the helmet thing, your choice, the sidewalk thing, well technically it is illegal, but fuzzy. The red light thing, umm you have kids don't you (this could be relevant in the helmet discussion to)?

Seriously, we can be an example of what to do in this world, take the higher ground, or not.

I, for one will try and do what is right.

Forrest said...

Sorry Bob, couldnt disagree with you more. I refuse to sit at light when no cars are coming, bottom line I run them and feel no guilt. Helmets, wear em when I think I need to, my life, my choice. Sidewalks are free game for bikes. No one walks anyway so I take advantage of them.

Forrest said...

Also I love how when people hear runing a red light they think I zap out into traffic and dodge cars, come on, no cars no problem, get real.

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

i disagree with bob on most issues so this is no big deal. i agree with forrest.

i do the same thing.

helmets are for beginners and people with no confidence, (scared everyone is going to hit them)

sidewalks are safer than the road if you watch for cars shooting out of drive ways and kids on big wheels.

running red lights is just what he said, not blazing through the intersection with no regard of whats coming.

its stopping. looking, and if nobody is coming, then go.

i even do this on the scooter, i dont care what the law says, its freaking stupid to sit there if nobody is coming.

in fact it drives me crazy.

there is no point sitting there for no reason other than some jackass said its the law.

i have a law for you, when its sunny on even days, no clouds, over 90 degrees you sit on rug.

ok thats law, how stupid is that.

its about the same thing.

Forrest said...

Bob, you make cycling gay.

The Racin Caveman said...


I got pulled over at 5 am a couple years ago for running a light on 27th south on my ride to work. I stopped when I came to the light. After seeing no one out, I rode on. The cop was the only one on the road.

I stopped at every single light on the rest of my ride and ended up 45 min. late, sometimes waiting for 10 min. at a time. The city doesn't put up systems (sensors)that recognize when a bike is stopped at a light, why should they recognize me running that same light?

You're right, sometimes the only people who recognize us out there see us only because we are targets.

StupidBike said...

if it is gay to do the right thing, then i guess i am gay. Sorry, sometime in the 80's i realized rebelling for the sake of rebelling was tired and juvenile.

Push the damn crosswalk button if there is no traffic it will change immediately, oh sorry, personal responsibility is tough on the rebellious.

Forrest said...

Racin Caveman, the cop that pulled you over was a dick. Why do cops have nothing better to do that early, why are they not catching the assholes who broke into my car that early.

Bob, you are dating yourself with that 80's comment, all us young whipper snappers must got worked up.

Unknown said...

Can't we all just get along! lol

flahute said...

I'm with Bob on this one ...

There have been several times that I've almost hit other cyclists when I'm driving because they're doing stupid shit. This includes people I know, like LMI messenger Patrick Beecroft.

And Fox almost took me out on a sidewalk once when I was walking on 3rd South.

Drivers may never respect cyclists, but they for damned sure won't when we act like we own the road and they're the intruders ... because as we all know, in a car/bike argument, the bike will lose.

Why give them more ammunition?

UtRider said...

Forrest - Do you obey fishing laws? You know, catch & release (where applicable), seasonal restrictions, possession limits, artificial flies/lures only, etc.? Just wondering...

Me, I view traffic laws as a necessary evil. Sure it's lame to sit at a red light when the intersection is clear. I trust my judgement and am confident in my ability to determine when it's safe to proceed, regardless of what color the light may be. However, I don't have the same trust in everybody on the road, be they drivers, riders or pedestrians. Personally, I like to be able to drive/ride/walk through an intersection when the light is green and not worry about somebody driving/riding/walking through a red light and putting my safetly at risk.

Imagine how annoying it would be if we all had to slow down at green lights to verify that nobody was entering the intersection from our right or left? It may be convenient for you to run red lights when commuting but would you encourage everybody to follow suit? Are traffic laws really so unnecessary that we could eliminate them and continue to drive/ride/walk safely? I don't think so and that's the reason I continue to obey the law.

PS - We still need to get together and ride one of these days, be it with or without our wives.

Forrest said...
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Forrest said...

Also the fishing analogy is apples and oranges.

Forrest said...

You guys dont get it, I am with Sly 100% on this. First I have been commuting since I have been 16years old on my bike. I never use the legal hand signals, I just make eye contact and point, screw the law, its way safer, talking from experience. I also run lights, especially when there are sensors on the road, I would have wasted a year of my life waiting at lights if I followed the "rules". Also you can ride down 2700 South and run the gauntlet of cars and death gutters, or you can hop on the sidewalk and be 100 times safer than anyone riding on the road, with or without a helmet I might add. Quit acting like me and SLy are reckless, we are way more calculating than anyone will ever realize. Seriously, its a jungle out there, fooling yourself with a sense of security that you are following the so called law makes you a sucker, do what you got to do and do it safely. I am willing to bet my life I ride safer than all of you, trust me.

StupidBike said...

I do get it, and i believe you ride safe, sly on the other hand....

But the point I am trying to make is that 1 person breaking a 'rule' whether it is a just, smart or stupid 'rule' gives a false impression to those who seem to make it there purpose to alienate and denegrate and attack groups they don't like.

So like it or not, your choices affect others adversely.

Again, I don't doubt your brains or ability to make a good choice, I question the unwashed masses.