Sunday, July 13, 2008


Snuck off for a few hours on Saturday to do some fishing. Hopper season is finally here. The water was crystal clear and cold. It was all about the long casts. Best water conditions I have seen on the Weber in a long time. Don't get me started on the trophy trout that got off. I am still depressed it got away.

The rest of the weekend was spent landscaping the yard. Give us a few more months and the transformation will astound you. Hard to believe that my wife was upset that we were buying this "dump". Honestly it was all we could afford and besides it is all about location. 10 miles from Snowbird makes any house worth it.


Anonymous said...

You need some Belgian Block for that yard.(
Pay for shipping and I'll send you all you need! You might even develop some muscles when you're done installing them.

ben-day-ho said...

skate tonight?