Sunday, May 25, 2008

May 24!


We had to stay off the steep slopes today because of avi danger. But it was still fun!



And the most prepared award goes to Ben. Just when we started to hit the sticky powder on the lower slopes Ben pulls out the teflon wax.

113 inches left to melt. To think I almost took off my snowboard racks last weekend. I wonder if this is really my last day of the season?


ben-day-ho said...

what an awesome day!! thanx ab,forrest and bye-bye!! aaron what's up with your boy and his new cartwheel style of shredding?

snowone said...

worth every cent of panik-travel-mode... stoke factor high, nice 2 cross paths to meet'n'shred. Doesn't get much better...wonder what June has in store?!