Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Less Than a Week

Less than a week before I head to Alaska. It has been dumping all week and I have been stuck at the cube farm tying up loose ends and missing the pow and walk on trams. Spring powder is my favorite. I just hope the weather cooperates in Alaska and missing these sessions will become an afterthought. As I write this Little Cottonwood Road is restricted to 4x4 or chains only. I can't believe I have been missing this. This is why I live here and its so hard to pass it up.

Here are some quotes from this week.

Yesterday morning, it was zero to 16 inches in about 4 hours, of incredible “Oh, my gosh” Utah powder. Storm totals were 10 to 17 inches in the Cottonwoods.

The unbelievable powder streak continues…

Come summer, you'll be wishing you got these last (powder) days of skiing in!

Photo taken Monday and there has to be another foot or more since then.


ben said...

yesterdayw as pretty fucking incredible. i too will miss today's bluebird goodness. wtf is wrong with me??

Forrest said...

Ben, out of everyone you seem to weasle the days in more than anyone. WTF is wrong with you? Have you finally gotten a streak of responsibility?

ben said...

unfortunately. i just slapped myself back into work reality last sucks. bottomless reports w/ walk on reports from dan ray and sean lake. bullshit.