Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Haines, AK

This was Gregg, yes three g's. He invited us on board to share some beers and stories. Come to find out he use to fish for Brine Shrimp on the Great Salt Lake in the 90's. Made a fortune. Him and the other fisherman got 10 bucks a pound and they harvested something like 4 million pounds in 4 years. The brine shrimp can remain dormant for decades. They ship all the brine shrimp over to Asia as live feed for the big shrimp farms and then they ship the big shrimp back to the states. I have to go all the way to Alaska to learn what is going on in my back yard.

This is his ship the "Rustler". Gregg also plays in a bluegrass band and throws big parties in the summer with lots of women attending. He claims Haines isn't to bad for women by Alaska standards.

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