Thursday, April 17, 2008

First Heli Day

Skies finally cleared. Cold and windy today. -20 celsius on the the peaks today. Alot of wind buffed slopes and wind slabs out there. Every single run we either set off an avalanche or a substantial slough. Conditions were pretty sketchy so that kept us off of some of the more aggresive lines. Two people in our group got caught in small avalanches today. One called it a day after he took a ride and lost his poles. The other one lost his skis but was able to find them on top of the debris and rallied to the end of the day. It came to the point where it wasnt a question of if the snow was going to slide but rather how big was it going to be and where was it going to go in relation to your line. Its going to be cold and clear tonight so that should improve not only the avalanche conditions but also the turning conditions. Looks like the weather is going to hold the next 3 days.

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