Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday Shred

Sunny but chilly today. Not as warm as I expected. Just me and Sam went shredding.

Me and Sam hiked East Baldy today. I love how all the Altoids give you a bad look cause they are paranoid that you are going to drop into Alta.
Sam carves up the windblown snow. He also did his first half cab today!
Big crowds for the Subaru Freeskiing Nationals today on Baldy. They were getting after it!



ixboat said...

WooF! What a great snowboarding blog! The photos are incredible.

Is that young boarder your son? I get on the mountain with my 17 yo daughter as often as I can (as often as she'll let me!)
I'll be moving my blog to other software this summer, but will certainly stay in touch.
Thanks for visiting

Unknown said...

damn, knucklz that jacket IS SOMEPIN!