Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Did the morning shred before work. All this before noon!

Dave gets some.

Forbidden Zone was so good today. Maybe the best it has been all year.
My second run of the day. Probably 7th tram and still fresh!

Eric is visiting me from the Windy City. He only rides a week or two every year.

AB sent me these from Snowbasin today. It was safe to say that Utah was going off today.

Booked the Alaska trip to Haines for some heli boarding today. Can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Nice shot of Dave!

ben-day-ho said...

is that you getting sloppy seconds in death chute. don't cross my track bee-yotch!!!!! aaron nice turns. let's shoot for next week!!!

ben-day-ho said...

that's not you in the pic??

Anonymous said...

i'll get some of you this sunday up at the basin - i've got some cliffs picked out for you - but you're gonna have to huck!!