Saturday, February 09, 2008

Saturday Shred

The original plan was to watch the North Face Masters Contest with Max. As you can see there was no visibility up high today and the contest was pushed back until Sunday. Vertigo city!

Since the Bird was not working out we decided to head up White Pine to get a few turns and work on Max's avalanche science project.
Ran into Kris Ostness. He was filming a commercial or something. Its funny how you run into people in the most random places.
We dug our avalanche pit and got a layer to break off. It required a lot of pressure to break that layer off. You would have to be on a snowcat or snowmobile to get something to release today.
Max cruises through some trees. If you were not in the trees you couldn't see. It was that kind of day.

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Marsha J. said...

I am most impressed with Max's science project and that you are willing to help him. I think it should be a "must read" for the kids that think they can go anywhere without checking and for grown-ups too. Marsha