Sunday, January 06, 2008

Socked In!

Man this storm really socked us good. Snowbird picked up 28 inches from the storm. The entire weekend was full of road closures and interlodges. The Peruvian side has not even opened up yet. Today was Regulator Johnson side only all day. There was a period of 45 minutes where it was physically impossible to snow any harder. It was crazy!

California got some serious snow out of this storm. Squaw picked up 68 inches, Mammoth got 66 inches and Kirkwood got a whopping 132 inches, with 52 inches in the last 24 hrs!

Jackson picked up 22 inches from this storm and Wolf Creek Colorado got 39 inches in 24 hours. All roads to Silverton are closed and they also got 40 inches in 24 hours.


ben-day-ho said...

holy cow, i had so much fun today. gadzoom and gad 2 all day. organ grinder,sth,carbonate, and many other goodies. i seriously had an incredible day!!!!! snowed fucking hard today.

Anonymous said...

It was snowing so hard at one point our tracks were being completly covered up. No joke. I'm lovin' it - and more snow in the forecast!