Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Lets give it up to the snow gods this year! Man has it been snowing all over the West. Some of todays highlights.

First the Bird got 24 inches from this storm and its still snowing. Snowbasin is claiming 22 inches and its still snowing. Lets just say between this storm and the last storm that its very deep up there!

Jackson Hole has gotten 44 inches in the last 5 days.

Silverton is having an epic year.
Red Mtn Pass CLOSED, Molas Open.We will open on Thurs as long as the road the ski area stays open (it's open currently). Snow settles rapidly so don't expect 5' deep snow on Thurs. Limited alpine terrain options all weekend due to high hazard. Our sub-alpine is very good if you like very deep powder and tree shots. Don't expect an all out blast-a-thon over the weekend for a variety of reasons (associated with getting pounded with more than 100" of new snow at the higher elevations in less than 5 days). If you have a good powder sniffer you should be able to find the goods all weekend long even with limited terrain.
Base: 120" New Snow 24 hr: 12" New SNOW 48 hr: 18"New Snow 72 hr: 70"

Mammoth picked up another 18 inches overnight and thats not including the many feet they got earlier in the week.

Baker only got 9 inches but they got a whopping 147 inch base at Pan Dome.

Kirkwood squeezed out another 14 inches on top of the 11 feet they have already gotten this week.

Whistler has gotten 4.5 feet the past 7 days.

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