Sunday, December 09, 2007

Weekend Shred!

Sessioned the Bird both days and met Pete at Brighton for a late Sunday session after I tracked out the Bird.

I have seen people pay for heli runs that were not this good! Velvet gets deep in the whiteroom.

Micah is in there somewhere.

Pete gets deep at Brighton.

Pete gets interviewed.

Me and Melanie trying to stay warm in the blizzard.

Lots of fun little puckerbrush ollies all over today. Really can't go much bigger until all the hidden sharks get buried.

Alta is for skiers, Brighton is for snowboarders. Not a single two planker to be seen

As always click on photos to enlarge.


ben-day-ho said...

what a great day huh?? i got first tram and rode until 2:30. i can barely walk right now. snowbird fucking rules!!! let pete know that when he is in town his retailers would be stoked to see him and or at least talk to him.

ben-day-ho said...

looks like they opened the cirque traverse!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yo those lines look deep! The basin was snowy and foggy all weekend, the good terrain still isnt ready. Give us another 2ft and I think we'll be ready to go.